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From: tReSe
Subject: KILT: H2O and Oil (t/t)(no sex)(true)(romance)=====================================================
Disclaimer:The story you are about read contains gay erotic
experiences. So, if you are not of legal age or your
country, religion, moral universe etc., consider this
writings to be perverse, then I suggest that you
should find something else to read. And, if you
should decide to read this type of literature,
neither this site nor the author will be held
accountable for your actions.
Background on KILT:Kathang Isip Lamang ni Trese (KILT) is a collection
of original writings, fiction, or non-fiction
depicting gay erotic themes.Posting, copying or redistributing this material via
electronic mail or in any form is russian nudist camp pics
prohibited. Only individuals, groups, or websites
that were given proper authorization have the right
to post, copy, or redistribute this material.
Author's Note:H2O and Oil is a true account of the author's
experience with his first boyfriend. Names were
changed to protect all the parties involved.You can find my KILT stories can be found at my new
=====================================================H2O and Oil
by tReSe
Copyright (c) Friday Trese Co. 1999-2000. All Rights
Reserved.I was sixteen when I met Kenneth. He widened my
horizon and opened my life to the joys and pains of
same sex relationship. I never thought that I was
bisexual until I met him. Let me tell you all about
it.Jason, a friend of mine invited me to a birthday; I
was reluctant to tag along because I don't even know
who the celebrant was. But he was gallingly insistent
that I caved in to his request or else he wouldn't
stop dogging me about it.When we arrived at the party, I was left alone in our
table, because my friend was the escort of the
debutante. And he had to accompany her for the rest
of night. I wanted to leave because I was totally
bored with the party. I'm not comfortable going to
fancy parties, because most people who attend it are
snobs. Besides, I don't naked russians
know anyone there and I have
no one to talk with. I was about to leave, when
Kenneth arrived. He directly went to where Jason russian petite girls and
the debutante were to greet the celebrant. Jason and
Kenneth talked for awhile. I stood up and walked
towards the doors, because I've decided to leave the
party. Then when I was near the passage out of
boredom prison, someone stopped me by placing a hand
on my right shoulder. At first, I thought it was
Jason. But when I turned around, I was a bit
disoriented because it was Kenneth. I asked him what
does he want. He told me that Jason asked him to sit
with me for the duration of the party. I told him
that it was not necessary. I walked out of the
pavilion.It's been five minutes or so that I was waiting for a
cab outside the hotel, when Kenneth called my name. I
was surprised. We haven't been properly introduced
yet he knew my name. He was asking me not to leave. I
told him to mind his own business. I was rather rude
to him because I don't know him except perhaps he's
an acquaintance of Jason. His cheeks turned red and I
knew that I had insulted him. I said I was sorry and
that I was in a bad mood. And further asked him if
his offer still stands. He said yes.We rode his car just driving around with no
particular destination in mind. That's where he
introduced himself me. I found out that he was
Jason's cousin. And that we go to the same
university. He was in his second year majoring top russian sex gallery in
Tourism. That night, we talked boy stuff, school, and
nothing more.Two days, after Kenneth and I had met in the party, I
saw him again in school. He was waiting outside of my
classroom. He asked me where Jason was and I told him
that his cousin didn't came to class. Maybe, he's
sick or something, I added. He asked me if I had to
be somewhere. I said yes. I saw that he was a bit
disappointed. I asked him why. He told me that he and
Jason had a plan to watch a movie. russian petite girls
And now, he
wouldn't be able to watch it. He further injected
that he doesn't like watching alone. Then he offered
me to go with again. russian boys update I told him that I had to visit
someone first if he's willing to tag along. He
agreed.All through out the ride he kept asking me where we
were going. At first, I didn't want to tell. But he
was like his cousin very persistent. Finally, I told
him that I was going to visit the girl I was
courting. He remained silent after I said. When we
arrived at Maya's house, I asked him if he wanted to
go inside. He declined. I told him that I wouldn't be
long. Ten minutes after, I came out with Maya to
introduce her to him. He nodded and said nothing.After the movies, he invited me for a late dinner.
And we talked all through the dinner. I asked him if
he has a girlfriend and he told me that he did. When
I asked him why he didn't invite her instead. He told
me that they had a fight and were not talking to each
other a week now. I suggested to him that he should
at least try. He immediately turned the russian hardcor gallery table on me.
He asked me if Maya was my girlfriend. I answered him
that she would be very soon. He remained quiet after
that. I told him that I had to go home. And that it
was getting late. He drove me home and before he left
our place, he asked for my number.From then on he kept calling me and waiting russian porn 13 yo
for me
after class. One time, Jason asked me what was the
deal between Kenneth and me. I told him what he meant
by that. But he told me to forget it. When porn russians sex I saw
Kenneth later that day, I asked him what Jason told
me. I asked russian hard anal him if he knew what his cousin meant by
it. He was infuriated and told me that Jason should
keep his big mouth shut. He questioned me what else
did Jason told me. I said nothing. He then stormed
out of the building. I was confused why he acted that
way. So when I got home, I called Jason. I told Jason
what had happened and illegal movie russian free asked hot russian girls porno
him if he could tell petite russian naturists why
Kenneth acted that way. Jason was hesitant at first.
But I reminded him that he still owed russian fuck girl pic me for leaving
alone in the birthday party. He told me to talk to
Kenneth and mention the name Michael. I was more
confusion now. I asked him who Michael was. He told
me that Kenneth would tell me everything I needed to
know. With that, he hung up on me.I couldn't sleep that night. What happened to me that
day was weird and I couldn't make sense of it? I
called Kenneth and he groggily russian amatuer web sex
answered the
telephone. I asked him who Michael was. He cursed
Jason and said that his cousin was dead meat. I told
him that it was my fault and I forced Jason. He told
me to meet him that following day, russian porno galeri for he will
explain everything.He picked me up around 8 p.m. and we drove to Eagle's
Nest, a mountain point which overlooked the city. He
told me that Michael was his ex-lover. I asked him if
he was gay. He told that his more of a bisexual. Then
I asked him what does illegal movie russian free it have to do with me. He told me
that he fell in love when he saw me. Man, what an
overload. I couldn't speak nor thinking what to say
after he said that. When I regained my composure, I
asked him to bring home. I told him I need time to
digest everything that had happened. He asked me if I
was mad. I told him I russian naturist galleries still don't know.I avoided him for a month. And when I saw him Maya
and I were going steady. He saw me in the cafeteria
with my girlfriend. He asked me if we could talk, I
told that I would call him later that night. I forgot
to call him that night, because I came home late from
Maya's house. The following night, he dropped by our
place. Luckily that I was alone that night, because
our conversation went out of hand. I guided him to my
bedroom so we could talk. Once inside he asked me why
I've avoiding him. I told him I was not. I said that
I've been busy with school and with Maya. Then he
asked me if I loved her. I asked him it was
irrelevant to our conversation and that was not the
issue. He then shouted at me saying that all he
wanted to hear was a simple yes or no. I told him to
tone it down. When he calmed down, he apologized for
his behavior. I told him that it was true that I've
been avoiding him not because of what he told me. I
was avoiding him because of what I might do. I told
him that since the time that we've become friends, I
was feeling something for him beyond friendship. And
every time that we're together, sexy cute russian ladies the feeling kept
growing. I told him I was scared and confused, which
was the reason why I kept my distance naked russians from him for a
long period. I told him that though I'm with Maya, I
was constantly thinking of him. He told me not to be
afraid for he would help me understand what was
happening. He told me that I'm like him whose heart
has the capacity of love both sexes. With talked that
night, and he helped me sort things out. I asked him
if he liked to sleep over and he said yes. He kissed
me on the cheeks and cuddled me in a spoon position
as we both drifted off to dreamland.Two weeks after that, I broke up with Maya and he to
his girlfriend. It was part of my russian fuck girl pic condition. I told
him I'm a faithful person. When I loved someone, I
wanted exclusivity regardless of his or her gender. I
told him it wouldn't porn privat russian
be fair to his girlfriend, Maya
or I, if we let things the way it was. Breaking up
with our respective girlfriends went rather nice.
Both of them understand we gave them our reason.I've always old russian playgrounds thought of myself as sweet, thoughtful
and romantic person. But Kenneth had beaten me in
that area. He would often go here at my house to wake
me up by kissing me. Though, he had showered before
coming to our house, he would joined me in my morning
bath and soap all over my body. Then after we dressed
in our uniforms, he would prepare our breakfast.
Kenneth made me feel very important and loved. He
treated me like a king. Yet, there were things that I
don't naked russian twink like about him, which were the constant sources
of our fights. He was extremely possessive and
unreasonably jealous. He even bought me a beeper and
cellular phone so he could check on me every hour.
Though he provided me everything that I need, most of
the time, he would overdo it. He went as far as
giving an extension to his credit and ATM cards. I
didn't want to accept it and we fought hard about it.
He told me that if I didn't accept it he would break
up with. I finally gave in because I love him.
Though, I accepted the cards that he gave, never once
did I use it.Except from these petty fights, our porn russians sex relationship was
smooth sailing. I was secure about his fidelity to me
and vice-versa. And I've always thought that there
was nothing in the world that could make me decide to
break up with him. I was wrong. It was a Saturday
night, we decided that we would be going out with our
own friends. I was surprised to see him in the same
club as I was. We greeted each our as platonic male
friends would do. Both of us decided to hide the true
nature of our relationship. Before we returned to our
own set of friends, we russian amatuer web sex decided that after our friends
had gone home, we would spent the rest of the night
together for a little "quality time", if you catch my
drift. He was the first to return to his friend
because I russian hardcor gallery was still waiting for my beer in the bar.
When I passed by their table, I overheard one of his
snotty friends told him that he should not associate
with someone like me. Further, his friend told him
that I was not in their league. Then, I heard Kenneth
say that I was forcing russian 15 yr girls myself to be his friend and
that he was acting out of the goodness of heart.When I heard Kenny say those words, I was crushed. I
drop the bottle I was holding on the floor. And he
and his friends saw me near their table and knew that
I had heard everything. Coolly, I walked away from
them, when Kenny called my name. I stopped but didn't
turned around to face him. He russians xxx shouted that now that I
know how he truly feels about me, I should stop
bugging him. Luckily, my friends were in the other
side of the club, and they didn't witness the
humiliation that I had endured. I told my friends
that I wasn't feeling well and immediately left the
club. I cried hard that night. I couldn't believe
that Kenny had done that to me. The following
morning, I went to their place to return all his
things and gifts that he had given me. He tried to
explain what russian dating marriage happened the night before, but I was to
hurt to hear his explanation. I tried avoiding him
for a week but he kept dogging me. He told me he
wouldn't stop until I give him another chance.He told sexy russian zoo
me that he panicked when his friends asked
him about us. According to him paranoia hit russian amateur him and
figured he had to do something to avoid suspicion of
relationship. After carefully considering his
explanation, I told him never to do it again or it's
adios forever. I told him to change his attitudes
especially his being jealous and possessive. He
assured me he would do anything just russian petite girls to keep us
together. I accepted him back to my life. He kept his
promises and really made a totally turn around, well,
almost. But old dogs illegal movie russian free
never learn new russian boobs things.Two months after our reconciliation, his parents were
celebrating their wedding anniversary. He and his
parents invited me to attend the celebration. Of
course, I said yes. Kenny assured me that Jason was
the only in his family who knew about our affair and
his parents don't have a clue about it. All they know
was I was his best friend in campus, he added. Also,
his parents request me to sing their theme song in
the event.When that night came, I saw Kenny's friends the ones
who were present in club before. I mustered all my
courage to greet Kenny, and when I did his friends
asked russian porn girls
my boyfriend why I was there. Kenny abruptly
cut their inquisitions. I thought, when he did that
he was going admit to his peers that I was his friend
too. Instead, he told them that he didn't invite me
but his parents did. He further insulted me by saying
that he was against about the idea site boy russian nude but what he could
do about it was his parents' party not his.I was about to run out from there, when his mom came
to us and pulled away from them oblivious of what had
just transpired. So, she asked me to sing their
wedding song. I fought hard not to crying while I was
singing. I saw my lover from the audience and he was
looking at me and mouthing the words that he was
sorry and didn't mean what he said. After the song, I
excused myself saying to his parents that I had
another engagement that night. And that the reason I
dropped by to wish them on their anniversary and
honor their request.When I went out of the gate, I saw porn russians sex Kenny waiting for
me. The street was deserted. He tried to stop me from
leaving. But I just lost it, russian nude single women
I knocked him in the
face and he immediately fell on the ground. I told
him that I don't ever want to see him again and that
it was over between us. I also told russian nacked girl
him that if
really loves as he claimed he would not deny me to
his friend. I told me him I wasn't asking him to
admit that we were lovers. All I was asking for him
was to admit that I was his friend too, I added.
After that, I had speak my mind, I left.I went out of town for a month to porno russian tgp
forget that I ever
met him. When I returned home, my mom told me that
Kenny had been calling our house every single day to
inquire if I had returned home. Upon knowing that, I
went to the Phone Company and requested an immediate
change of our telephone number. After one year and
some months, he saw me in the mall. He called my name
and that's how I saw russian pre lolta him. He then made his way to
approach me but I immediately avoid him. And that was
the last time we saw each other.Our social status didn't end our relationship. But
his unwillingness to fight for our love and his
denial of my existence in his life that did. After
Kenny, I never had another boyfriend again. I'm not
traumatized or anything. I'm just more cautious. I'm
still waiting for someone, who will love me, as much
I love him.+++++++++++++
I really love to hear what you have to say. Your
responses will gladly be appreciated.For your comments, suggestions, constructive
criticisms, or inquiries kindly write to:tresebigfoot.comTo read my other stories, visit my website: my mailing list to keep you informed and updated
about my upcoming stories.Thanks,
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